Sell Smart with Sage


Working with Sage Real Estate gives buyers an automatic advantage – not only are you connected with a group of experts, but because clients are our main focus, you will receive exceptional service and advice fitted to your individual needs. And with our customizable marketing strategy and innovative techniques, we’re making the process that much more exciting.


Years of experience and research has shown us that buyers aren’t only interested in what the house looks like and where it’s located, but what is paramount is knowing what lifestyle they’re buying into when they purchase a property. This means we’re sure to include every detail about the neighbourhood, its residents, hot spots, schools, transportation, and anything else that might be of interest when listing your home.


And because we work so closely with our clients, we’re able to determine the exact features that are most attractive to buyers, which enables us to create a marketing campaign with the right messaging targeted toward the right people. It’s that simple.


Making your listing visible outside of Toronto is another key ingredient to Sage’s recipe of success. We’re taking your home international so that you get the greatest amount of exposure in the smartest possible way. And we’re not only keeping up with the times by concentrating our efforts online, we’re one step ahead of them. As one of the first real estate brokers in Canada to work with Artificial Intelligence – Sage is using cutting edge technology to sell your home in the most efficient way possible. With A.I., all requests will be answered instantly so no lead will be left hanging. It engages immediately and builds trust with potential clients because the information they’ve requested (feature sheets, square footage, etc) is available with the push of a button.  


All this and more make up the Sage way.