What a Realtor Provides

When looking for a Realtor, it’s important to consider not only someone who has experience and proven results but someone that is staying current about the market, trends, various new legal implications and improving their skill set through different courses and seminars. Real Estate is an always changing and growing – so should your Realtor.  In addition to that I’ve found it’s always important to trust your gut.


I work a bit differently than other Realtors.  


Each client is different.  That’s why I like to make sure I fully understand what you are looking for in a home and in a neighbourhood.  I will use my experience to provide a range of options that work with the current market conditions and your buying style. My goal is to make this a smooth process.


There is a lot of ‘noise’ in the Toronto market.  My job is guide you through that noise, manage your expectations, suggest strategies, negotiate and ensure constant communication.  That’s one of the reasons I started my ‘Buyer Info Program’ – a set of emails and videos of some of the most important things I have learned my buyers should know. If you’d like this information sent to you, email cs@jend.ca  and we will sign you up.


I’d love to discuss more about what I can help you with, contact me here and we can arrange a time.