Wychwood Park was founded in the late 1800s as an artists’ colony, then on the city’s edge. And, with the help of invested locals, it has preserved its rural, “outskirtsy” feel: the central pond (Taddle Creek, officially), remains the enclave’s focal point; houses retain their Arts and Crafts–style architecture; and its street maintenance and amenities are privately paid for by residents. In 1985, it became Ontario’s first residential zone to be granted heritage status. At any time, residents can leave their well-designed, well-kept houses for Wychwood Barns—a community hub, with an awesome kids’ park, generous green space and even a seasonal farmers’ market—and to St. Clair’s trendy restaurants, cafés and shops. North of here is Humewood–Cedarvale, where middle-class people share the same family-oriented values, where schools abound, and where housing remains in high demand; the wealthier portion, Cedarvale, boasts its own multi-million-dollar homes, themselves boasting panoramas of Cedarvale Ravine.