Upper Beaches–Woodbine Corridor

This area was never officially part of the Beaches; in fact, it predated it. Originally the “Norway” postal village, which was founded in the 1840s, it was supported economically by a toll station for those en route to Kingston, and a sawmill for harvesting the area’s Norway Pines. Fast-forward to 2000, when the term “Upper Beaches” was introduced. Today’s young families find comfort in the tranquil, tree-lined streets, featuring endless children’s playgrounds and parkettes, a colourful commercial strip along Kingston Road, and a varied housing stock—detached Edwardians, quaint semis and an abundance of new builds. The Woodbine Corridor, between Woodbine and Coxwell, shares all the same charming characteristics. For years, the Upper Beaches seemed to live in the shadow of the Beaches. But, this neighbourhood has clearly forged its own healthy identity, which, some say, comes with more soul. Just ask the friendly residents, who gather, almost as ritual, on those famous wooden porches.