In 1855, Mimico was advertised as being only “eight minutes from Toronto.” And so it became a commuter hub (funny, Mimico comes from the Mississauga word omiimiikaa, which means “abundant with wild pigeons”—aka the now-extinct passenger pigeon). In the late 1800s, lakeside estates began appearing, then cottage-style bungalows on sizable lots during the interwar years. Today, these tree-lined streets maintain that charming, small-town feel. Only now, the houses are owned by young professionals and families, tapping the area for the promise of endless waterfront recreation and updated services. Eastern European delicatessens are giving way to hip shops; condos are replacing the low-rise apartments of the 1950s; and Mimico’s reputation for bolstering Canada’s national sports (developing several NHL players and winning several national lacrosse championships) is begging to be upheld. No wonder it ranked first overall on Toronto Life’s 2012 “Where to Buy Now” list.