East York–The Danforth

East York was founded as an English, working-class neighbourhood; people who moved here were delighted to own a small, lawn-accented home. Over the years, it has matured into a thriving, diverse community, with schools in every direction, and an abundance of youth sports programs—from hockey to figure skating, basketball to soccer, tennis to gymnastics. On the western reaches is Upper Broadview–Playter Estates: the northern section is becoming increasingly popular with artists and business professionals, who treasure the proximity to downtown; in Playter Estates, home prices are affordable, but skew to the upper-middle class. Overall, East York is quiet and friendly, and without the flash of other like-minded neighbourhoods. But, at any time, residents can pay a visit to nearby “Greektown.” This always-bustling stretch along the Danforth offers endless authentic Mediterranean restaurants and cafés, and exciting annual festivals, such as “Taste of the Danforth.”