Parking Options

We are fortunate in the city of Toronto to have a variety of different parking options. Below is an overview:


  1. Private – This means it’s completely yours. This could mean you have a garage (built-in to the house in some capacity), a stand alone garage or just your own driveway
  2. Mutual Drive – this is a shared driveway between two homes. It can either lead to individual parking areas behind the house or is just a shared driveway. Depending on your neighbours and their vehicle situations you may or may not be able to park there on a regular basis. One thing I do recommend with any mutual drive is to physically try driving your car down the driveway. I’ve seen many cars not fit and that is the deal breaker for the house.
  3. Laneway – Usually a lane at the back of the house that you use to access either your parking spot or garage. One thing to check with laneway parking is if the city will be responsible for maintenance of that laneway.
  4. Street Parking – A valid city of Toronto street parking permit is required in order to park overnight. It is best to contact the city before making an offer on a property to see if there are available permits for the area and what the cost is.
  5. Front Pad/Yard Parking – The city has very strict rules about this. As per their website it is best to check with them to see if the permit is still valid as the permit does not transfer with the property. New owners will need to apply to have the permit transferred. Please view this page here!