Marketing Your Home

There’s a lot more that goes into selling your home than just listing it online, and we take great pride in making sure your unique property is being marketed in the comprehensive and creative fashion it deserves. With our custom strategic marketing plan, your home will be sold quickly and at the highest price possible.

Because everything in real estate is in perpetual flux, we are constantly on top of the latest information and trends in technology in order to better serve you. And, as a full service agency, Sage Real Estate will take care of everything from staging to selling.

Here’s what we’ll do for you.

Prepping Your Home

While we know you’ve spent years making your home what it is today, there’s nothing wrong with a little primping and polishing to make it even more lovable – this is where that ubiquitous term ‘staging’ comes into play. Everyone’s tastes differ, so the goal when it comes to staging your space is to make it as neutral as possible. This way, when potential buyers take a tour, they can easily imagine how it might feel to live there.

Our wealth of experience helps us determine what customers generally look for so we can assess your home to give it broader appeal.

Now, we’re not talking major overhauls here – we don’t want you to invest in something that won’t guarantee a big return. There are many budget-friendly ways to upgrade your home so that it’s ready for its closeup. From rearranging furniture and de-cluttering, to replacing dated finishings or adding a fresh coat of paint – every detail counts.

We are trained to look at your home with a discerning eye, so don’t be alarmed if we suggest a small facelift – we’re just trying to get you more bang for your buck. After all, people will pay more for a shiny apple, even if the lightly bruised one is just as good.

Floor Plans

Something that is necessary to get done before you list your home is a floor plan. These are detailed measurements of each room that also indicate where they are located in the house – this helps the buyer understand the layout of the house before they arrive and also determine whether or not their furniture will fit.


Professional photographs are paramount in selling your home – they will be the visual reference for all advertising, whether online or in print, so they have to be good. We can’t stress that enough.

Sage Real Estate provides professional photography for your listing and our design department will colour correct and enhance everything to ensure the highest quality.

Feature Sheets

Another very important aspect of marketing your home is making sure a beautiful and detailed feature sheet is available. The feature sheet will be something that compliments the website and is a simple way for buyers to “carry around” your home.

Included in the sheet are the aforementioned professional photographs of your house as well as the floor plans, any enhancements, a neighbourhood summary, a list of exclusions and inclusions, the web address, and contact information.

Individual Website

These days, your home’s website is just as crucial as its listing on MLS. With an easy to remember URL (usually the street address), the site will feature everything great about the property and more – photographs, floor plans, neighbourhood information, etc.

With added features such as cinematic virtual tours and 360 degree views, buyers will instantly feel an emotional connection to the home. Plus, making the video available on YouTube will help increase its online presence and allow anyone, anywhere, at any time, to take a tour.

'Just Listed' and 'Just Sold' Postcards

Beyond the basic ‘Just Listed’ cards that most agents distribute, we print your listing on a visually impactful card and deliver it in and around your neighbourhood. This helps spread the word and directs potential clients to your website. Neighbours often have friends that are looking for listings in a specific area, and these cards help advertise your home.