How Am I Paid?

For clarity it’s important to know how Realtors are compensated.


In most cases, the seller of a property pays the service fee to both the listing Realtor and the buying Realtor. There are some instances where the seller does not wish to do this, in which case it would be the buyer’s responsibility. In this instance we would know well in advance – there will never be any surprises as it would be clearly discussed.


As most of the time the seller is paying the commission, it makes sense to have a Realtor representing you to receive all their expertise, legal knowledge and negotiation skills – all at no cost to you.


The Toronto real estate market can be a large, complicated and sometimes a messy market, that is always changing, fast paced, and can have many legal nuances. As a professional Realtor, it is my job to protect, inform and manage what is normally a very stressful time for people. Hiring a Realtor will ensure you receive all my expertise, legal knowledge, negotiation skills and allow for an overall smoother purchase.