Thinking of joining real estate? Read these 5 tips!


I get it. Being in real estate sounds like a dream. You’ve got great cocktail party stories, you get to visit people’s houses, you make your own schedule, and, oh yeah, you pocket a nice little commission for doing practically nothing. Right?


Okay, we do have some great cocktail party stories, and it can definitely be fun to visit new properties. But being a realtor isn’t just about pocketing big cheques, working four hours a week, and showing million dollar properties (looking at you Selling Sunset!). It can be grueling hours, clients who keep getting this close to their dream home, and periods of financial instability. Like with anything, you gotta take the good with the bad, and I’m here to share my top tips on how to make it in this challenging, yet exciting industry.

Jen’s tips for succeeding in real estate

  1. Do your research – but do it well. There’s a ton of realtors out there showing off their new cars, new homes, and new bling, and they’re all telling you how easy it is. Like anything on the internet (except this blog, I swear!), they’re not giving you the full picture. Be smart about the info you’re reading, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Think about your skills, and if they’re transferable to being an agent. Are you self-motivated? Love meeting new people? Driven and a tough negotiator? What are your reasons for wanting to get into real estate – because you want to run your own business, or because it looks easy?
  2. Get the info from someone who knows. Time to sell myself here. I’ve been where you are now, and I’ve done tons of research for you. Make it easy on yourself and get important info in one place, without spending hours on Google. My book, How to Run a Successful Real Estate Business, has valuable information that will help you determine if real estate is right for you, how to pick the right brokerage to work for, and give you the tools you need to do a kick-ass job.
  3. Make a plan. Starting a new career – especially one in real estate! – is exciting, and it’s easy to want to quit your current job and dive right in. But if you make a plan with your next steps – from taking classes, networking, job shadowing, etc – you’ll be a more successful agent and give your clients better service. It’s also important to devote not just the time, but also the resources to your own success. As you learn the ropes, are you keeping your day job, or do you have enough savings to cover your transition period? What’s your contingency plan if it takes slightly longer to make your first sale than you expected? Make a plan – but also make a back-up plan!
  4. Focus on the fundamentals. Similar to the above, this is about setting yourself up for success. You might be amazing at showing homes and securing new clients, but can you handle all the elements of running a business that come along with it? Do you have contacts with contractors, home inspectors, builders, and service industry professionals? There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes, and it’s not all just spraying cookie-scented air fresheners (please don’t do this…). Treat your career like a business – because it is. There is an area of real estate that’s rarely discussed, and a big reason why not everyone succeeds. Learn to make your business one you can retire from instead of just flying by the seat of your pants without a plan. Which brings me to my next, and most important point …
  5. Remember: you’re not alone! While I love selling people their dream home, I also love giving aspiring agents the support and community that helps them love this industry. My New Agent Course gives you one-on-one support, direction, and focus, helping you set the foundation for your successful business, and not feel lost at sea in a sometimes cutthroat industry. Together, we’ll work on taking inspired action and giving you the tools to build your client base in a lasting and meaningful way.

Real estate is definitely all of the fun things you imagine it to be, but it also takes a driven and ambitious individual who wants to work hard to succeed – and a community behind them. I’m here to help you build your community, and to be your support team and cheerleader! I’ve been through learning experiences so that you don’t have to, and I’m ready to share my best advice with you so – let’s connect.

So whether you’re feeling nervous, invigorated, or amped up and ready to hit the ground, let’s talk about where you’re at in your quest to be an awesome realtor, and work together to get you there with an amazing community and support!