Why Staging?

Staging has become a very common term in the Toronto market. It basically means making changes (either cosmetic or physical) to your space to make it more visually and emotionally appealing to buyers. Often how someone ‘uses’ their home is different than how buyers expect to see a home. Stagers work with clients to improve the look, feel and flow of a space. There are many different levels and degrees of staging. Ultimately it’s up to you to determine how much or how little you feel comfortable doing. We will work with you to find the best solution for you.

Here are some of the benefits of staging:

  • First impressions count. Buyers build opinions quickly, let’s make sure that it’s a good one.
  • Clears the clutter, bringing attention to your home’s best qualities.
  • Sets you apart from the multiple properties that buyers see during their search. Take away comments including “Remember the home with the cozy lounge?” come from successful staging.
  • Whether it showcases the easy maintenance for a single condo buyer, or children friendly bedrooms for a young family, staging is targeted to your key buyer’s lifestyle.
  • It reflects the price range and accessibility of your property to potential buyers.
  • Every stage of the home search should be the buyer falling more in love with your home. From the moment buyers see a photograph of your property on the listing to the time they walk into your property, staging ensures their largest investment is justified.
  • For international buyers who may not be able to physically see the property, staging helps your property look its best in photographs or virtual tours.
  • Staging should never be overwhelming, it’s always catered to your situation to improve your property’s offer opportunities.

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