Where should I live?

Toronto is city with lots of unique neighbourhoods. Many times neighbourhood choices are made by affordability, proximity to schools or work. Click here to go through neighbourhood information and see what is of interest. Once you have narrowed down a few, we can meet to go over the average costs for each of the areas.


The main thing to think about is how it will affect you daily. Where will you be living your ideal lifestyle from work day to weekend? A property is a long term investment so think about your current situation as well as if there are any aspects in the future that will factor in. Go visit the neighbourhood during the day and at night. Eat at some of the restaurants, walk around to see how it feels and to see if you can or could see yourself living there. If you have kids, it might be helpful to bring them and have them play at a nearby park. What kind of amenities does the neighbourhood have? Consider doing a test commute to your work to get an idea of timing. Once you have found a house you like, Google the address to see if there have been any issues with it or speak with the local police station.


If you would like to know about recent sales in a neighborhood or if you would like to receive our monthly sold statistics, contact me here. Click here to read through the deciding factors between a condo or home.