Condo or Home

We are very fortunate in the city of Toronto to have different housing options.  So, if the thought of owning a home seems daunting or just not the right fit for your lifestyle there are other options. The primary being a condominium.  One of the biggest benefits to condo living is it’s turnkey lifestyle and essentially lack of maintenance.  This hassle-free living does come at a price though.  Condo owners pay monthly fees referred to as ‘condominium fees’.
So when deciding between a condo or home, it’s best to consider your lifestyle, how long you plan to live in the space and your budget.
Here are some advantages to each:

Condo Pros:
– Turnkey lifestyle
– Not responsible for any maintenance to the outside structure
– Great entry into the housing market
– Security
– Flexibility to be ‘right in the heart’ of Toronto
– Views of the city
– Amenities all in one place
– Predictable costs
– Underground parking (if applicable)

Homes Pros:
– Outdoor space
– More creative reign over renovating
– Larger space for hosting family or friends
– Opportunity to expand family
– Ability to create a ‘work from home’ office
– Connecting to a neighbourhood or local community
– No restrictions on pet ownership

There are many other factors, if you are considering a condo click here to read through answers to some common questions, or click here to read the benefits of a fixer upper or move in ready home.